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Should I be worried about buying and trading stocks/Bitcoin on Cashapp?

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I know it sounds like a dumb question, but I see so many posts of people’s account getting closed randomly, and I don’t want my money to get “trapped” in my account. So far everything seems good, but I always want to be cautious.

My Cashapp account is also awaiting verification which I hope will help.

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Hi @andrew60, I don't know how this is related to your experience trading stocks and mistakes you have made, but I hope you'll get your answer here. Have a nice day!

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Hi @andrew60, I don't know why you should keep your money somewhere you don't have trust in. As far as my experience goes, I never had any problems with legit broker accounts, like those being closed or money trapped in it. I think if you should find a reputable broker so you can trust them. And to add, I never traded crypto as I have no trust in that, to me it looks more like a lotto tiket than trading, or a least having some predictability, but that's my opinion. I hope that people will give you some more advice that are in your field of trading. Best luck!

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