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Trading stocks

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I started learning how to trade stocks a good while ago. Actually in the beginning I did not have a clue of what I was doing. I thought I knew, but now looking back, it's funny how naive sometimes you can be. 😁 The hardest thing in trading is emotions. 80% of trading is psychology and 20% system. For me it was other way around, or so I thought. I was chasing systems. The holy grail that will bring me that success. Never happened. Because I never looked at myself as the one I need to work with. Trading is hard, but it is harder when you have to fight with yourself.

I have learned: stick to one system. Read about that system and find out first if it suits you and your personality. Don't change it. Don't chase it. Neither the profit, nor what's hot at the moment in the markets. FROM THE VERY BEGINNING DO EVERYTHING RIGHT ! Because how you will learn, will stay with you forever. Bad habits you have learned will creep out at anytime and ruin your trading career and I mean it.

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Thanks for sharing!

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